The Loyola Public Interest Law Foundation (PILF) is a non-partisan, student-run organization invested in fostering the careers of students dedicated to providing assistance to those traditionally underrepresented in the legal system.

PILF’s Mission

PILF channels the energy of Loyola students who give, serve and work in the public interest by:

  • Providing a Summer Fellowship Grant Program that enables students to contribute an entire summer to public interest legal work in communities locally and throughout the world.
  • Providing much needed legal assistance to the Los Angeles community.
  • Providing law students a way to get involved.
  • Helping launch Loyola students into public interest careers by fostering alumni relationships and mentoring opportunities.
  • Educating law students about the importance of serving the public, partnership with Loyola’s Public Interest Law Department.


POST-GRADUATE LEGAL FELLOWSHIP: Advancing Justice-LA is seeking law students and recent law school graduates to sponsor for post-graduate legal fellowships, including the Skadden Fellowship, the Equal Justice Works Fellowship, the Soros Justice Fellowship, and school-funded fellowships beginning in Fall 2017. Deadline to submit an application and a brief project proposal is in June 30, 2016. Click HERE to apply and for more information!