Hannah Brown

imageHannah Brown, a 2L, moved (back) to the LA area from Santa Barbara to pursue her law degree. She absolutely cannot stay away from sunny, warm locations, as she spent a year studying in the UK and had enough fog for a lifetime. While in Santa Barbara, she earned a Bachelor’s in Political Science and worked post-grad for the university as a certified sexual and domestic violence advocate (doesn’t she sound fun?!). She spent the summer following her 1L year with the Los Angeles Center for Law and Justice proudly assisting primarily undocumented teen survivors of sexual and domestic violence (really–she’s a blast). When she’s not working, she’s hanging out with her dog (and showing people unsolicited photos of said dog), who is definitely the cutest creature on planet earth. Hannah loves the beach, the sun, mimosas, and civil procedure (jk).

At Loyola, Hannah is a part of the Loyola Project for the Innocent, in which she gets to fight injustices in our criminal justice system. She’s also a Student Ambassador, which means she gets to tell people how cool Loyola is.

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