Jimmy Quintana

Jimmy PilfJimmy Quintana born and raised in Los Angeles. Although he is often confused as being Mexican, he really isn’t, he’s Salvadorian, and no that’s not a state in Mexico. Growing up Jimmy was known as “Big Jim Prime Rib” due to his impressive skills on the waterpolo court… or more plausibly because he resided next to Steven’s Steakhouse and its absurdly heavily advertised signature dish, The Big Jim Prime Rib (let’s just go with the first one).

He graduated from UC Berkeley with a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in beating the clock at the campus pub. Jimmy enjoys traveling the world and if your city or country has a brewery then you can bet it’s on his to go to list.

During his 1L summer Jimmy spent his time helping immigrant victims of domestic violence and other heinous crimes at the Immigration Center for Women and Children. While at Loyola, Jimmy has been a member of the La Raza de Loyola organization and will serve as the Co-President this year. Jimmy is spending this summer fighting back against “the man” as a Law Clerk at the Public Defender’s Office in the mean streets of Monterey County. After graduating, Jimmy hopes to work in public interest doing immigration or criminal work.

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