Brittney Daigle-Leonard

Brittney Daigle-Leonard (DAY-gul LI-nerd) is currently a 3L at Loyola. Although raised in Southern California, she completed her undergrad at Spelman College in Atlanta, GA. Homesick and not-so-pleasantly plump from southern cuisine, she returned Los Angeles to get her Masters in Education from LMU, become a teacher, and end her dependence on hot wings and Waffle House.

Along the way Brittney acquired a passion for all things Health/Healthcare Law –  that tiny area of law that everyone says is growing, but no one really knows what it is. Since attending Loyola, she has found others who share her passion at the HIV Law and Policy Project at the Disability Rights Legal Center, the Health Quality Enforcement section of the California Attorney General’s Office, and the National Health Law Program. And apparently because the word “health” wasn’t already on her resume enough times, she is also president of the Health Law and Bioethics Association at Loyola.

DSC_3039-001When Brittney is not figuring out how to become the next great health law attorney (or whether healthcare should be one word or two), she enjoys running, hiking, and other cliché Angelino physical activities in her effort to justify her love of wine and fro-yo.