Casper Yen

Casper is currently a 3L at Loyola. Raised as a diehard Trojan fan (his father went to USC), Casper wisely made the decision to attend college at UCLA. And while Casper’s father wanted him to go to medical school, Casper claims that the first time he ever saw his father smile was when the acceptance letter from Loyola arrived in the mail. As a 1L, Casper quickly became involved in the Juvenile Rights Project. He takes great pleasure in knowing that JRP’s work helps to keep young students out of the criminal justice system.

Born in Texas and raised in Huntington Beach, CA, Casper continues to stay true to his roots during his spare time by exercising his second amendment rights and catching solid swells. Not at the same time. Casper hopes to one day return to Orange County so that he can buy groceries without having to validate parking.                                            Casper_JRP