David Heebner

David Heebner was born in Los Angeles to an actress and a lighting designer, seemingly destined to end up pursuing a career in show-business. Much of David’s time in Elementary School was spent dreaming of tackling cinema’s most challenging roles: “Han Solo’s son”, “Batman”, and “Optimus Prime”. Unaware that he was a decade and a half too early for the sequels, reboots, and adaptations necessary to make his dreams a reality, David chose to focus his energies on something a little more down to earth.

While at Loyola Marymount University, David developed a passion for politics and public service. Like his cinematic heroes (both of the super and action variety), David saw grassroots organizers, civil rights leaders, and (some) politicians as the noble champions of those in need. Helping people without the aid of a cape or a spaceship, while not as glamorous, could be just as fulfilling. After graduating from LMU with a double major in Political Science and English, David put his cape-less hero theory to the test by participating in the Americorp program City Year, a non-profit that places young people in low-income schools across the United States in an effort to impact the drop-out crisis amongst at-risk youth. At the end of the year David realized that hero was the wrong term for what is needed to address injustice; the right term is advocate.

When David is not working at the Juvenile Justice Clinic at Loyola’s Center for Juvenile Law and Policy, you might catch him at the Regal Theaters down the street, fantasizing about his other life as Han Solo’s son.1399783_10153342160236101_1355126646485277256_o