Emily Rader

10422109_10204662962826872_6156197321183324137_nEmily Rader has been bringing people together her entire adult life (and most of her adolescence, if her family is being honest.)  Despite spending many formative years in the sweltering suburbs of Phoenix, her roots in upstate New York left her with an appreciation of all four seasons and an insatiable appetite for being surrounded by trees.  This siren call took her to Northern Arizona University, where her double major was substantially less important to her burgeoning identity than her tenure as a Senior Resident Assistant.  She further honed her icebreaking, bulletin boarding, and sing-song choreographing skills at regional youth camps across three states.

Since ensuring her lifetime status as “The Good Child” by commencing her legal studies at Loyola, she has sought to be a force for good at the Cancer Legal Resource Center, Public Counsel’s Consumer Litigation Project, and countless games of Settlers of Catan.  She continues to volunteer her time with the North American Federation of Temple Youth, because no one else appreciates her impressive collection of throwback camp-related hoodies and tees.

When she’s not marathoning The West Wing or The Great British Bake Off, she is irrationally arguing in defense of fanny packs.  Emily is a steadfast proponent of Chacos, a literal goat whisperer, and while she considers her sourdough starter to be kind of amazing, she still believes that challah is the best of all breads.