Fiammetta Piazza

10488057_10152436672273260_1399399062209652160_nFiammetta Simona Piazza has always lived life bouncing between worlds.  Born in Sicily, she spent her formative years splitting time in both Italy and California, developing a love of ballet and musical theatre along the way (find her on YouTube if you want proof).  After completing her undergrad in Milan, she had her fill of European men and moved to L.A. full time.  She earned an LLM from UCLA, and remains hopeful that her command of five languages has sufficiently expanded her dating pool.

Since matriculating at Loyola as an Alumni Scholar, she has chartered Loyola FIA (First Internationals Association), served as a section representative for PILF, and followed in her mentor’s footsteps as only the second 2L to serve as Co-Chair in recent memory.  She spent her 1L summer simultaneously completing two distinct paths toward personal betterment:  Professionally, she clerked for a federal bankruptcy judge to learn what not to do when she takes over her family’s real estate management and jewelry design companies.  Personally, she made it to day seven of a ten day yoga challenge before growing dissatisfied with how few likes she was getting on Instagram (@thefiammetta).

When she isn’t the center of attention, it’s because she’s sharing the spotlight with her bff’s (too many to list), or taking a breath.  Fia believes in the power of brunch to bring people together, that the first DJ to combine EDM with country music will have transcended all language barriers, and red wine for all occasions.