Jane Win-Thu

I was born Yin Nyein Win in Yangon, Burma in 1989. I lived in Burma until I was seven, when I moved to the U.S., in sunny SoCal. Due to the political turmoil in Burma, my family was broken up and separated for a good portion of my life. I did not meet my older sister until I came to California and I did not live with my father until I was a pre-teen, when he was released from Burmese prison, escaped into India, and finally made his journey to the U.S. where our family was granted asylum.  Someone should make a dramatized movie version of all this.
Despite the twisty-turny portion of my early life, I have had a fairly normal (although, what is normal?) experience as a first-generation Burmese-American immigrant. I went to undergrad at UC Berkeley and majored in English because I like novels and poetry. (My love for the Bay still runs strong!) I then decided I wanted to suffer through three years of law school so that I could become empowered by the law and help future clients become equally empowered.
I spent my 1L summer at the LADA in the Family Violence division and loved my experience. It generated a strong interest in criminal law, and I spent my 2L summer with the Los Angeles County Public Defender’s Office. I also feel good volunteering my time for programs like Loyola CARES and I love working with children.
When I am not in the library preparing for my future legal career, you can find me in the dark corner of the internet we call YouTube cat videos. Probably munching on chips because I have the appetite of a 13 year old boy.