Joseph Palomino

Auction Chair

PILF_PicJoseph Palomino is a scrawny, scruffy Latino from the Grand Canyon State. He correctly predicted the Beanie Baby collapse of the late 1990s, but due to the reticence of his business partner was not able to sell at the peak of the market. Unable to retire at an early age, Joseph was forced to go to high school. There, he quickly became a mediocre student and speech and debate participant. Wanting nothing more than to follow in the footsteps of his hero Conan O’Brien, he applied to Harvard and was almost immediately told no thanks. Instead Joseph went to ASU where he studied economics and film and media studies. He became involved in politics, and would end up taking a semester off in 2012 to be a field organizer for his local congressional district. Upon graduating ASU, he moved to Brooklyn where he read scripts and ate one-dollar pizza on a daily basis. He moved back to Phoenix to work as a broker’s assistant, a museum attendant, and as a busboy at the airport.

At Loyola, Joseph is involved in PILF and the Environmental Law Society. He is spending the summer working for a film festival and finishing a short film before going back to the nonstop intensity of law school. His goal is to one day work for a member of Congress. Los Angeles rules. Michael Bay, freeways, Legoland.