Julien Kacou

Julien is currently a 2L at Loyola. Julien graduated from the University of Southern California with a B.A. in History and Political Science. Prior to attending Loyola, Julien volunteered as a counselor in USC Troy Camp which is an organization that takes about 200 underserved youth, in the area surrounding USC, to a week long camp
yearly in Idyllwild Pines, CA. While a member of Troy Camp, Julien tutored and mentored a numerous number of children that went through the program. As a Troy Camp alumnus, Julien continues to mentor the youth from his 4th grade cabins in Troy Camp’s middle school and high school programs. After graduating from USC, Julien joined Teach for
America and taught students with special needs at John Muir Middle School in Los Angeles. Julien’s present interests are in advocating for the needs of students with special needs to insure they receive the accommodations they need to learn and succeed in their academic careers and beyond.

In law school, Julien is a member of BLSA, PILF (obviously), and the Young Lawyers Program.

Julien Kacou Picture