Lauren Wilson

Lauren Wilson is currently a 3L at Loyola. Born in Tennessee and raised mostly in San Diego, she has a very strange accent that often gets confused for Australian and an unusual affinity for Fried Chicken. She is a proud alumna of University of California, Santa Cruz (Banana Slugs represent!) where she studied Sociology and American Studies. Afterward, she lived in various small beach towns in Eastern Australia for a while (they didn’t think her accent sounded Australian at all) and then traveled around Southeast Asia for a bit, trying to stretch her minimal savings to travel for as long as possible.

At Loyola, she is a Teen Court Officer of the Criminal Law Society, a participant in the Juvenile Innocence & Fair Sentencing Clinic, and a member of the Scott Moot Court Honors Board.

In her ample free time, she’s either at the beach surfing, enjoying some live music, petting someone else’s dog, and/or at a brewery with an IPA in hand.