Mikey Kelly

Mikey Kelly grew up on the soft sands of SoCal’s beach communities, earning the childhood nickname “Phinny” thanks to his dolphin-esque propensity to play in the water. To this day, he lights a candle for his brethren in Sea World captivity and hasn’t forgiven the Disney Channel for making his name less hipster.

1972415_895438688541_2096326523_nSo began a passion for environmentalism that has carried him from UCLA (BS- Environmental Science) to the law offices of Girardi Keese, where he spent his formative pre-law school years, “putting the ROCK in Erin Brockovich.” as he is want to say. So, of course, he’s also a drummer, a hobby he picked up after he cried incessantly during Love Actually’s second best story line.

In addition to PILF, Mikey is President of the Environmental Law Society, a charter member of Rising Tide: A Surf Club for Law Students, and the middle child of David E. Kelley with a deep seeded hatred of unnecessary vowels.