Rachel Cheong

10341648_10152188021784372_6472366046815568362_nRachel Cheong is a 3L at Loyola Law School.  After graduating from the University of California, San Diego with a degree in economics, she channelled her latent British identity (no doubt due to her Hong Kong heritage) and took a gap year.  Consequently, she prepared for law school by working as a financial advisor with a college outreach program that targeted low-income high school districts.  Thereafter, Rachel decided to do the only responsible thing:  blow all her savings by frolicking hither and thither across Europe and developing a refined gelato palate that remains her most proud accomplishment.  Pistachio is the truth, people.

When Rachel isn’t mourning over America’s Great National Shame (namely, considering ice cream and fro-yo to be in any way comparable to the rich texture and divine flavor profiles the gelato process captures), she busies herself trying to The Secret her corporate transactional attorney career into existence (dream boards and all!  RayRay don’t play.).  Rachel took the latest step down this path with her externship at a U.S. Federal Bankruptcy Court clerkship during her 1L summer.  To keep her mind active amid the tedium of bankruptcy law, she concurrently worked as a research assistant for an awesome professor in the sexy field of securities fraud.  In addition to her position in PILF, she is a board member for Loyola Law School’s Business Law Society.