Ushma Vyas

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Ushma Vyas was born and bred in La Mirada (“The View”) and has since spent her days tiptoeing along the great LA-OC line.  She graduated from UCLA with a double major in Political Science and History, a minor in Middle Eastern and North African Studies, and a bleeding heart for spending more money than she’ll ever make. Immediately after graduating, she traded her freshman 30 for a holistic mind, body and soul makeover and joined the Peace Corps in Mozambique.  Beyond surviving a close encounter with one of the deadliest slithering beasts – the Black Mamba – she buried her feet into the sands of service to initiate several community development projects for her new surrogate family.  After two of her most challenging years (that is until law school), she returned home covered in dirt, drenched with sweat and filled with purpose.  Bringing the adventures of her African classroom home, she spent the rest of her time before law school teaching vulnerable youth in Venice.

 Today, she has pained through law school knowing that it is a powerful instrument to effect change.  She hopes to use it in the fight for global educational equity and relief from economic injustice.  Beyond her love for travel, neo-soul/R&B and ice cream, Ushma is excited to serve another year with the PILF Board through the Juvenile Rights Project.